Superior Performance, Purity & Safety

Responsibly Produced from Clean U.S. Natural Gas


Our Mission at Extiel GPG is to serve customers and investors through the dedication of our unique expertise in the safe & clean production of environmentally friendly chemical compounds, all which have been designed to deliver exceptional product performance in their uses and applications.  Additionally, our mission is to leverage our low-cost modularized plants to provide customers with high-performance molecules at advantaged prices, helping Extiel GPG create and sustain solid, consistent customer satisfaction.

Safe & Clean Manufacturing

Low emission, environmentally friendly production of synthesized, high-performance chemical compounds made from natural gas and water.

Exceptional Performance

High purity, non-toxic designer molecules provide exceptional performance characteristics that create increased value & reliability in your finished products.

Advantaged Pricing

Specialty compounds produced from market-stable natural gas and water (vs. fluctuating crude oil prices) provide our customers with pricing advantages. 

Customer Satisfaction

A reliable domestic supply, competitive pricing and our "customer first" relationship focus translate to customer satisfaction.



Extiel GPG was formed in 2015 by gas process experts from Gulf Process Gases, LLC and Extiel Holdings, LLC. Our superior catalysts and technology work to convert abundant, low-cost natural gas to premium, fully-synthesized molecules. The expert team at Extiel GPG consists of talented industry professionals in the areas of:

  • Process Design & Engineering

  • Catalyst Design & Manufacturing

  • Modularized Process Plant Fabrication & Construction

  • Syngas & Hydrogen Production

  • Chemical Synthesis & Optimization

  • Plant Operations & Maintenance for High Reliability

  • Project Development & Project Finance

  • Specialty Chemical Sales & Marketing

Clear Synthetic Oils, Solvents, Waxes

“Providing Customers with Superior, High-Performance Molecules is the key to our success.”



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